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What's Trending in Design

We asked the three founding partners and designers of oomph to tell us what they see as trending in the world of design. At oomph, we rarely follow trends, we lean towards what we know people want in their homes, whether it's trending or not.  The only criteria we follow is whether it has a function in the home and that it looks fabulous! Here is what we're thinking about right now:

Rethink traditional seating.  Banquets are a cozy and space saving alternative to traditional chairs around a kitchen table or game table. Extra points for corner banquets!! Banquets can be either built-in or with a long bench. It's also a great way to add some nice color to a kitchen that might be heavy on white and stainless steel.





New Season, new pillows. As the days get darker and colder and darker and colder, put away the crisp summer neutrals and pull out the velvets and the bright stuff! Nothing will brighten your rooms and spirits like snazzy pillows. Mix and match to your heart's delight - you'll be amazed at how transforming new pillows can be!




 Tigers, and Cheetahs, and Zebras, Oh My! Animal prints are holding steady and showing up on everything from floors and walls to tabletop and linens. Use liberally.





Brass details came in strong at the beginning of 2014 and the trend is still going strong.  Nothing adds a little glam like great brass detailing.

a9543cdad49e845a69f5b775186a46b3 3339a5b29ebecaeacc6cb6025ca15ef8 b5fb58fabd34a0040cf5470a70c14b3a To see more of what inspires us, follow our PINTERST boards. All photos here we pulled from our Pinterest pages!