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What's new in Booth 41005 on the Pier?

New York is where it all began. So even though we now have the America's Mart in Atlanta and High Point on our trade show dance card,  we remain true to our first beau and debut the new oomph on Pier 94. This week at the NYIGF, oomph will launch some exciting new pieces that have been six months in the making. Many times, the concept  has been due to requests from our design customers who have scoured the market and could not find the right piece. We like to think they were not willing to settle for anything less than genuine oomph!
The Greenwich 44 is case in point. So many people requested a game table that it was no coincidence the Greenwich 44 was conceived. Once we produced it for a California designer, we couldn't resist adding it to our line. This 44" circumference table shares it's lineage with the popular tini IV and Greenwich Side. The quatrefoil is our signature shape and makes this table a stand-out when it is in your choice of color and surface. The Greenwich 44 has so many personalities, we hated to pigeon hole it as a game table only. Why not use it in the breakfast room or as that elegant entrance hall center table? The possibilities are limitless.
oomph Driftwood Backgammon Table
More games - Our iconic Backgammon Table was so incredibly successful we had to try something new! This time it is the finish that has changed. This stand-out piece now comes in "driftwood"  or a more traditional "walnut" stain. Both are made from hickory and are absolute classics! Each come with your choice of board color - grey and white, brown and white, or navy and white. Roll the dice and choose!
Again an old favorite, this time dressed up in a snazzy Quadrille fabric. This Tini Tufted is taking a walk on the wild side - in fact we have named it "Wild Thing" because it has so much animal in it, you may need to tame it before brining it into your home. It's definately a lively addition to any room - just watch your small pets - it has a voracious appetite and gobbles up compliments.
The Newport Side Table is the newest member of the Newport clan - and the most modest size offspring to date. This table has the Newport pedigree but sports the added  flourish of the fancy stretcher. Like all oomph pieces, it comes in all our 16 highly lacquered colors and unique surfaces and will bring a jazz festival to every room it graces.
Finally, we have our Bar Cart. Anyone who knows anything about oomph knows just how important this piece is to us. We feel a bar cart is essential to every home. How else can you mix an oomphtini in any room in your house? Ours has casters to move with ease from room to room following the party. We detailed it with our signature tini II shape handle cut-out. The top shelf is glass to keep an eye on your liquor supply on the painted raffia shelf below. This bar cart is both handsome and functional and will be an integral part of your entertaining - you'll wonder how you lived without it!
Come see them all for yourself on Pier 94, Booth 41005. August 13-17, 9-6 daily. We think you'll agree - oomph is the bees knees!