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What is "Driftwood"


Here in Connecticut, summer has been a long time coming.  Even though it's May, it is just not that warm yet.  Brisk weather builds character . . .I suppose.  Regardless, at oomph we are looking ahead, and our factory is in full swing! Many pieces on the line right now are destined for summer homes - coastal or country, north and south, east and west. And of those tables in production, the "Driftwood" finish seems to be one of the most popular. What is "Driftwood" exactly?  It's a finish that we offer in a few styles of tables.  The look is a very sophisticated "natural" wood look.  There are traces of white, "age," greys, and browns - and the final appearance resembles driftwood. What makes this finish different from our lacquer pieces are a few very specific elements: 1. We use oak instead of poplar.  Oak is heavy, sturdy, and will stand up to the treatment that is necessary to create the Driftwood finish. 2. The process by which we create the Driftwood is called Cerusing or Cerused Oak Process.  It is truly an art form and requires multiple steps of sanding, painting, washing, waxing, and sealing to create the perfect shade and just enough shine. It is very time consuming but well worth it for the final results.  This process is similar to Limed Oak. 3. We recommend our Driftwood finish for any high-traffic area in your home.  It's almost impervious to dings and dents, and the grey/brown shade is ideal for attaining a seaside or country chic look. oomph offers 4 tables standard in our driftwood finish:

The Backgammon Table

oomph Driftwood Backgammon Table

The Edgartown Side Table

©Jane Beiles-2874

Fairfield 48 Coffee Table

hr fairfeild driftwood copy

Fenwick Coffee and Chart Table

fenwick chart wood