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What Is Bespoke Furniture?

(Custom Console and Color by Lynn Morgan Design)

"Bespoke" isn’t a word you hear every day – or maybe, you’re unfamiliar with this term. Primarily used in the world of luxury goods and services, it is a term reserved for the most specialized experiences.

So what do we mean when we say that something is “bespoke”? The answer may be less complicated than you think.

“Bespoke” simply means that an item or experience has been customized to the customer’s exact wishes. Whether it’s a meticulously tailored suit, engraved stationery, unique piece of art, or high-end furniture, this particular design indicates that something has been conceptualized, commissioned, and brought to life as a completely original element.

The great thing about bespoke pieces is that they can be one of a kind and unlike any other in existence – they are an embodiment of your unique style, taste, and vision. From the designers at oomph, here is everything you need to know about our bespoke furniture.

Bespoke Furniture at oomph

Bespoke designer and custom furniture is our mastery here at oomph. Our work brings us tremendous pleasure, and designing each piece to fit your vision is a labor of love.

Our team is driven by a passion to create exciting furniture for our clients that speaks to who they are, the things they love, and what they envision as the look and feel of their home. Key elements that go into the making of each oomph bespoke side table, luxury headboard, bespoke tini table, and other fine pieces of furniture include the following:

  • One-of-a-kind details that match the character and style of the client.
  • Ongoing, open, and thoughtful conversations between the maker and client.
  • Customization, customization, and more customization!
(Custom Headboard made for a private client)

Mastering bespoke-made furniture is not without its share of challenges. Designing each piece requires that artisans not only have a true grasp of their craft, but are also able to work collaboratively with clients. We ensure our designers are comfortable with pivoting the direction – if and when necessary – as well as working outside of their standard manufacturing schedule.

In our world of “fast fashion” and mass production, these design qualities and capabilities are rare. Bespoke furniture is not about instant gratification that comes from ordering something mass-produced and receiving it in two days. Rather, it’s about the mindful and collaborative process of creating a piece of extraordinary furniture that will continue to bring you joy for years to come.

Bespoke furniture is worth waiting for. Although, we do promise to do everything in our power to get your beautiful new bespoke piece into your hands as quickly as possible!

(Custom Tini Table for Cullman & Kravis)

At oomph, we offer a best-of-both-worlds solution. We have maintained a healthy balance between creating luxurious in-line designs as well as bringing our clients’ custom ideas to life through bespoke home furniture. This includes everything from designer benches to custom upholstered accent chairs, lacquered furniture, and more.

We are the masters of bespoke furniture for many reasons, including the following:

  • All of our workrooms and factories are located in the USA.
  • We maintain close relationships with everyone working within these creative spaces so we can serve as the voice between our clients and artisans.
  • We partner only with true artisans who share our vision, and who – like us – thrive on bringing your ideas to life with the utmost attention to detail.

When you choose a bespoke piece of high-end bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or living room furniture for your home, you are choosing to add an exquisite and inimitable element of design to a living environment. In this sense, bespoke pieces are much more than luxury furniture; they’re also a powerful act of individuality and self-expression.

(Custom Bench for Ali Gilbert Design)
(Custom Table for a Private Client)
(Custom Color for Massucco Warner Miller)

Recently, we created a collection of pieces to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary. This collection showcases our ability to manifest the ideas and visions of a select group of designers. The entire collection is one of our proudest achievements and can be seen on our 10th Anniversary Page.

Whether you order a single piece or an entire suite of bespoke furniture from oomph, know that we’ll give your project the same care and attention. To bring your unique vision to life, contact our team.

What Is Bespoke Furniture

Create Your Own Bespoke Furniture with Oomph

With people spending more time at home today than ever before, designing inviting and invigorating environments is more important than ever. Certainly, bespoke furniture will help your home look more luxurious, but it can also do much more than that. At oomph, we’re committed to supporting our clients in creating truly evocative and intimate spaces for everything from quiet reflection to graceful gatherings. We like to think of our bespoke furniture not as an expense, but as an investment in the quality of life.

Have a question about our bespoke furniture, or want to discuss an idea for bringing to life your own bespoke made furniture? We invite you to connect with us today.