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What Is Bespoke Furniture

(Custom Console and Color by Lynn Morgan Design)
Bespoke. It's a weird word. Not one that we hear every day. Even in the world of luxury, the word, Bespoke, is still reserved for the most specialized of services and, even today, many luxury brands cannot always achieve a true Bespoke experience. So what does Bespoke and a Bespoke Experience mean? It simply means to customize to the customer's exact wishes.  Whether it's a highly tailored suit, engraved stationery, unique art, or high-end furniture, each piece is a one of a kind commission, that most often is hallmark of a brand. Key elements of Bespoke include:
- one of a kind details
- detailed conversations between the maker and client
- details that the character and style of the client
- custom, custom, custom 
(Custom Headboard made for a private client)
Only artisans that have a true grasp on their craft, can pivot within their workrooms and take time out of their standard manufacturing schedule, can truly master a Bespoke program. It is very unique that a high-end furniture brand can execute a bespoke furniture program. Some companies ONLY create Bespoke pieces - that is truly the pinnacle of luxury.
(Custom Tini Table for Cullman & Kravis)
At oomph, we have been able to maintain a healthy balance of creating luxurious in-line designs, as well as bringing your custom ideas to life. All of our work rooms and factories are in the USA. Our close relationships with everyone who works within these creative spaces allows us to be the voice between the client and artisan. From custom color to custom sizing and designs, our artisans thrive on bringing your ideas to life with the utmost attention to detail. To create a Bespoke pieces is to bring a one of a kind design to you or your client's home. Bespoke furniture is luxury furniture at its finest.  
(Custom Bench for Ali Gilbert Design)
(Custom Table for a Private Client)
(Custom Color for Massucco Warner Miller)
Recently, we created a collection of pieces to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary. it also celebrated our capabilities to bring a select group of designer's ideas to life. The entire collection can be seen on our 10th Anniversary Page. It is quite an achievement.
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