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The Tini Tufted...

We love tinis. We started with the liquid variety. We got so good at that we tried our hand at the tini table. That went awfully well so we gave it yet another shot and designed the tini tufted chair.

The tini tufted is the perfect size to draw close to the fire to toast your toes. We use them nestled next to the hearth or by the bed. They are stunning as pairs in a large room with multiple seating areas flanking the cocktail table.

We love their classic good looks and their scale compliments the smallest cottage to the grandest drawing room. We offer them in an array of choices: soft ultra-suede snake - snazzy!


Or gorgeous shades of glazed linens - classic!  And of course, like all things oomph, these are just a few of the choices. You can even have it your way, Customer's Own Material. We aim to please.

Baby not included.