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The Newport Collection...

We love Newport. In many ways, it is a town with many faces. It's considered the sailing center of the world! It has no shortage of beautiful yachts and of course was once home to the America's Cup. It's where the Newport-Bermuda Race begins and where the best yacht racers from around the world come to sail. But Newport doesn't just have yachting. There's the Newport Jazz Festival - a fabulous weekend every summer where the best jazz musicians in the world gather to toot their horns, and the Newport Casino - The International Tennis Hall of Fame with its grass courts and 1880 buildings and stands. Stepping through the arch on Bellevue Avenue can't help but transport one back in time. But Newport is more than just a favorite playground. Its early townspeople played an important role in America's history. Their tolerance of religious freedom was the foundation for the America we know today. As early as the 17th century, Newport's citizens embraced diversity. Newport is a town that boasts both a grand and salty history and exemplifies the energy and beauty that inspires us. Perhaps that is why we chose it to represent oomph's grandest collection of classic tables and mirrors. The Newport Mirrors, Consoles, and unique Coffee Tables epitomize the spirit of this great town - slightly gilded in design, but classic in nature, and enhanced by a new breed of signature oomph colors. From Newport, Rhode Island, to Newport Beach, California - everyone needs a little oomph.