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The Edgartown Coffee table...

Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard is a favorite town for oomph. One of the oomphettes makes this historic whaling village her home away from home and has foreverWe love sailing to one of the most beautiful harbors in New England and once moored, our view is not of marinas with endless towering yachts but of an old whaling town with its widows' walks and church steeples. Naturally, being shoppers, we can't wait to get ashore and stroll the scenic streets and check out some of our favorite stores, one of them being Tracker Home. Edgartown's history dates back to 1642 when it was settled by the English and originally named Great Harbor. In 1671, it was renamed Edgartown after King James II young son and later became a whaling port of great importance during the 1800's. More recently, it has been famous for late night swims across the ferry slip from Chappaquiddick, the filming of "Jaws" and often being the presidential summer vacation spot of choice. So with all those credentials, it became an obvious name for our most popular rectangular coffee table - the Edgartown. The large coffee table is the perfect spot to rest your "Dark and Stormies" between regattas. We love it in Dove White, Creme, Black, or Knockout Orange! But it looks pretty darn nautical in Club Navy with a natural raffia surface! This large rectangular wood coffee table is a standout no matter what color you choose.