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oomph on Harbour Island

It's true. We have been away - some of us still are! One of us may never return . . .
After Christmas, we came back to the scene of the crime - where it all began three short years ago. This little island in the Bahamas is where oomph was conceived. We can't pinpoint the exact moment or phrase that brought forth the vision we had, but we came home with a concept that became oomph. Our idea was everyone's nest needs an update - and a  few well-designed and attractively priced pieces of furniture, can transform any room. That notion morphed into oomph over the following months and the rest - as they say -  is history.
We revisited to celebrate and relax. And we did them both in style! We took long walks and went on beach picnics.
We all enjoyed the sun and warmth and recharged our batteries before a busy January begins.
We even did a little work and strategized about the next year and where it will take us. We have big plans and can't wait to share them with all our friends.
We ate and drank and frolicked late into the night. We had a wonderful few days together and we are now ready to hit the New Year running. We have a busy year ahead - more trade shows, more products, we just can't resist continually adding to our line.
Because after-all, everybody needs a little oomph!