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oomph decorates with Gray Malin

GM.oomph Giveaway
Today launches our first ever GIVEAWAY! And who better to do it with than Gray Malin! Over $8,000 in prizes are ready for those who enter! Inspired by our mutual love for Beaches and Backgammon, this is a giveaway like no other. An original work of Gray Malin's Cefalu Yellow Umbrellas combined with an oomph Backgammon Table — WHAT COULD BE BETTER!!!!!!!


How did this all happen you say? You know that feeling when you meet someone and everything just falls into place? Well, that's how we felt the moment we met Gray Malin! We've admired (stalked) his work online and via social media since he came on the scene. Immediately we knew we had to collaborate in some way — EVERY WAY!!!! Gray's Los Angeles bungalow was in need of a furniture face lift, and oomph, well, we needed some great art for our new Showroom! Our brightly hued lacquer was the perfect anecdote for Gray's furniture woes — and as it turns out, he and his husband Jeff are avid backgammon players! Gray's beautiful aerials of all things beach and ski beckoned to us . . .and we quickly curated select works for the showroom walls. 

Armillary Sphere Inspired Blue Light Fixture

Chelsea Desk in Parakeet, Cambridge Chandelier in New York Blue!

Nantucket GM 2

oomph Showroom, Nantucket Series by Gray Malin


St. Barth Surf School by Gray Malin at oomph Greenwich Showroom

oomph Backgammon in Fireworks, Newport Lamps in Fireworks, and Cubes!

oomph Backgammon in Fireworks, Newport Lamps in Fireworks, and Cubes!

To make things even more exciting, we hosted a book signing in early September with Gray, and now THIS