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New Arrivals! Introducing the Savannah Table

We've made our selections, listened to your suggestions, and vetted carefully! Every few days we'll be introducing you to a new stand-out piece or collection from our most recent launch. Some designs are big and some are small - but all are unquestionably oomph!  

Introducing the Savannah Entry and Dining Table.

We've designed this piece to be the perfect table for a dramatic entry way with space to fill. Lacquered with a 100 sheen white finish (think automotive car paint), the surface of this table is as durable and glossy as it is gorgeous. Dressed up or down with sky high floral arrangements or carefully styled accessories, this table is will command attention. What makes our Savannah Entry Hall table distinctively oomph, aside from the very unique surface finish, are the options for the base;  A hand sanded base lacquered in any of our 16 colors - or your custom shade. We chose to feature elegant club navy for our most recent photo campaign, but the choice is yours!




  Because of its durable finish, the Savannah Table is a great option for a unique dining table.  Easy to clean, great for the family, and offered in 2 sizes: 47" and 59" (coming soon!) Shown below in Parakeet, Foothills and Knockout Orange! Silo-01_parakeet Silo-01_foothills Silo-01_knockoutorange