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Marrakech Express...

Don't let it be said that oomph doesn't go the distance to find something new and exotic to inspire us. We love to travel and unearth things that excite the eye. Morrocco was this Spring's destination for one of the lucky oomph partners. So many elements in classic design come from the ancient moorish architecture, it was an obvious spot to travel to for inspiration.

We have long adored the quatrefoil shape taken from Alhambra and fashioned our popular tini IV from the architectural tracery found all over Northern Africa and Europe. And it would be impossible not to notice that our tini II is similar in form to a Moorish arch! With a heritage like that -  it is no surprise that we now have a table called Marrakesh! We enhanced our popular tini II by adding a white marble top etched with a design we call "marrakech". It is then hand-painted to match the base color of the table. It's about as close to having a martini at Rick's Cafe as some of us will ever get! Here's looking at you, kid.