Guest Room Essentials

Summer has come and gone, but the season of visiting friends and family for the Holidays is straight ahead. They are coming whether you like it or not. Are you ready? Are your rooms ready? While we understand that you don't want to make your guest rooms too comfortable (for fear they will never leave!), you do want them to be the envy of everyone else.

Let us guide you through some key pieces to really make your guest room the best that it can be.

Time for Some Beducation:

While we love a beautiful headboard, we love PLATFORM BEDS even more. They are comfortable, they always look neat and tidy, they are sturdy and very chic. You do not need a box-spring, and despite popular opinion, they really do not take up much more space in a room that a standard mattress/boxspring does. however, if you need storage under the bed - the headboard is probably a better choice.

If you only have one spare room, consider twin beds. You can get a little more mileage out of twin beds (or two full!) with guests. And don't we all secretly like to sleep alone.  But that is certainly a personal choice based on space and type of guests you welcome most often.


(headboard only)

 Sides A La Carte:

We have so many chic side tables of all shapes and sizes. Since this isn't a room that is used everyday, this is where you can have a little fun with shape and color. Why not try something with a flourish? Or a vibrant color? Serenity is wonderful in a master, but the guest room should be a little over the top! Similar to our views on powder rooms - give it some oomph!


(Massucco Warner Miller)

(Lindsay MacRae Interior Design)

Storage Solutions:

Likewise with storage in this room. You don't REALLY want a place for them to unpack, but having a little extra space to keep spare sheets, holiday decorations, and your stash of unwritten birthday cards, can be a nice thing to have. If there isn't room enough for a sizable chest of drawers, we have nightstands with three drawers, just enough to hide some things, not enough to settle in.

(Kate Coughlin Interiors)

Reading and Other Activities: 

What kind of lighting do we prefer in our guest rooms? Anything that promotes great bedside reading. Sconces with individual switches and dimmers on either side of the bed.

(Ashley Sharpe Interior Design)


Bonus Points:

Luxuriating in an oversized chair is one of life's simple pleasures. If you have room, a beautifully upholstered chair and ottoman is a wonderful addition to a guest room. To read that aforementioned book or People Mag, finish the second cup of coffee, or indulge in that "personality drink" before the party starts. Either way, a beautiful chair in a beautiful fabric can be the finishing touch on your perfect guest room. Don't forget the matching Tini Table!

No room, no problem. We have chairs of all shapes and sizes, even if it's just a seat to tie your shoes.

 (Honey Collins Interiors)





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