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La Dolce Vita (as experienced by oomph)

Channel Slim Aarons. Picture yourself zipping around the Amalfi Coast in a convertible Fiat navigating the hairpin turns like a native Italian. It's a crystal blue day and your destination is a blue stripe umbrella where you plan to sip a little Aperol Spritz while watching the beautiful people hobnob around an infinity pool hanging over a cliff. La Dolce Vita? You betcha!

oomph travelled the Amalfi Coast and found inspiration around every (hairpin) corner. We started in Ravello where life at the top of the hill is at its best. It was the perfect jumping off spot for day trips to Positano and other destinations on the Via Amalfi.

Coming home at the end of the day was heaven - The Hotel Caruso was luxurious and relaxed all at once. We could not say more about its beautiful location or staff and hated to pack up to leave. 

But leave we did. Our next adventure was by a little Italian speed boat to Capri! Who doesn't picture Jackie O in a pair of Capri Sandals and a tee shirt shopping the many chic shops after hopping off the "Christina O"? We trolled the winding lanes for treasures many of which are winging their way back to our Greenwich Shop as we speak! We circumnavigated the island by boat and saw the Grottos and rocky cliffs and climbed way, way down (and back up!) to the famous La Fontelina Beach Club Restaurant! Hands down our new favorite lunch spot world-wide!

From Capri we went back to the mainland and visited Pompeii. We had all been fascinated by the story of the city destroyed by an eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD and unearthed in 1748. How about this fabulous gallery we discovered on a day bed in the hot spring baths? It reminded us of our Newport detail. Who knew they had indoor plumbing and steam baths in the first century? 

From there we reconnected with the Eternal City and shopped and toured the usual suspects. Roma will forever be a favorite and it was particularly delightful in the cool air of September.

One last stop on our Italian adventure was to the Hotel Il Pelicano in Porto Ercole. It was a favorite stomping ground of Slim Aarons and other icons of the golden age of Cinema. Their images filled the walls of the bar where we spent after dinner hours playing backgammon with other guests. It was a spectacular cliff-side setting a short hour or so from Rome. 

We were surprised to meet acquaintances and old friends in every location of our journey and now have new friends following our lifestyle brand and visiting our Greenwich Showroom. There were inspirations of color and design around every turn and we will forever be glad we lived La Dolce Vita if only for a short time.

Stay tuned for new designs inspired by our trip. We have quite a few ideas up our sleeves!