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Inspiration is all around us. If you even dabble the slightest in social media (instagram, pinterest, blogs, etc.) you are inundated with visual stimulation. From fashion to flooring, a lot comes across our computer screens and phones. 

(a layered look and the mix of old and new always inspired us!)(a layered look and mixing old and new always catches our attention!)

When we set about building our new site, we wanted to be sure to have a page that could act as a library of images submitted to us by clients and designers. Our Sunday Design Inspiration email is our favorite email we blast out each week. We are constantly in awe of the work you do, and how you interpret oomph designs in your home and the homes of your clients.  So much so, that we want to share it with the world (or at least oomph's world!) 

(Sunday Design Inspiration!)

All of these great images now live on our INSPIRATIONS page of our website. Here you will find a collection of images submitted by designers and clients. Each image gives credit to the designer and is totally shop-able!

Also on this page you'll find our Designer of the Month, upcoming events online and in our store, and special projects we want to highlight! So get lost in our beautiful library of inspiring images - it's a lot better than watching the news or weather these days. 

(Yes that's a Danielle Rollins Trunk Show Coming up!)

Speaking on the weather and news - Hurricane season is here in full force and we can't turn our minds from our family, friends, and oomph community in Texas, Bahamas, Florida, and the entire Southeast coast of the US. Stay safe. 

Part 2 Coming soon . . . "What's Inspiring Us this Fall!"