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In the Pink...

Have you noticed lately there's a lot of buzz about the color of the year, Pantone's Honeysuckle Pink? oomph likes color and we know all about pink. In fact, we consider ourselves pink aficionados!  oomph has a few shades of pinks itself and it wouldn't surprise us if we had already cornered the pink furniture market.  We started with our now famous Eros Pink - an oomph best seller.

Everybody loved it so when we started doing tables for pink babies - we added a special order shade - white dogwood. It's a true baby pink - just a hint of blush like a baby's bottom.


Then honeysuckle pink became the fashion and we had already beat them to the punch with our choice of a hot coral that we love - the color of an icey rum punch! We call ours ZANY honeysuckle - because we took it to the next level and, oh, what a level it is!  Pour yourself into the color of the tropics. Having something in your home that's zany honeysuckle is like being on vacation in the islands. Make your reservation now! Come see for yourself at the NYIGF on the pier on the wild west side of Manhattan - Booth 41005, 1/28/11 - 2/2/11. We'll reserve your beach towel for you!