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High Gloss Magazine Lust List...

Have we got your attention? It's new and online. It is fun to scroll through - especially if you love design, bright colors and following all the newest trends in fashion and home decor. High Gloss magazine is our new favorite for that quick fix of "What's-New-in-the-World-of-Design". That's where we come in - page 6 in fact! High Gloss featured our best- selling pillow, the Quadrille Kazak on it's "Lust List"! This fabulous pillow can take a down-and-out room and put it on its feet in a hurry! Who doesn't love this Orange and Magenta Quadrille fabric? Mix up a white slipcover, 2 Kazak pillows, and a dash of a Tini in knockout orange. Shake it all together and you'll have a great room to satisfy even the most discerning mother in law. Sit back, sip your oomphtini and enjoy!