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The Fireworks Tini Table Is Born

We love our colors. A great deal of time and thought went into selecting just the right ones to be our coveted 16 oomph shades. Some were an obvious choice - classic and neutral, even soothing. Others were a bit more daring. Even with those jaunty ones - we just knew when it was right and it seems we were not alone. Have you ever noticed the fabulous shade of red on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes peeking out from under those "sky high" pumps? Well we sure did. (Isn't it great?) We just had to have a little ourselves - hence FIREWORKS was born!

Did you know that when Mr Loubiton made his first pair of pumps, he stayed up all night studying them thinking they lacked flair?  After much thought, he took a jar of Chinese red nail polish and painted the soles. The rest is history and a star was born. The color ? an eye-catching shade of red recently identified as Pantone 18-1663. We call our show-stopper  Fireworks. Everyone needs a little bit of "Flair" in their lives and an oomph fireworks table is just the ticket! (It's also a lot more comfortable than those "Sky-Highs"  you've been eyeing.) Try oomph instead - no band aids needed.