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Fashion Forward...

Everyone needs color in their lives, especially at this time of year. The New England winter is often grey - unless you have a 3-foot blizzard - but even then it gets dirty and you long for the colors of spring. Fashion types agree that color is back - case in point fashion week worldwide! It is all about color and we love watching the catwalk. Everyone has an opinion. The Princess of Wales is constantly watched and when polled - the British subjects choose blue for her. Maybe it's because it looks best with her sapphire! We think she looks pretty darn great in all her frocks.

We at oomph LOVE color and embrace it in everything - from wardrobes to home furnishings. We believe the days of the neutral living room are going out with the tide. Take our new color Gambol Gold. It was our best- selling color at the NYIGF. The colors of Spring make us happy. We have long been fans of pink and orange. Apparently Gucci agrees. PS - we loved the Gucci retro looks - bags, shoes, and runway. We could not help but marvel at the Pantone picks for the 2013 Spring Colors in fashion - many of which are identical to colors already in the oomph line! We call ours - Dragon's Breath, Gambol Gold, Eros Pink, Knockout Orange,  hmm - (maybe not in the oomph rainbow), Parakeet,  Dazzle Blue, Fawn Brindle, Concord Grape, and Creme!