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Everyone is picking Lilacs...

We aren't sure if it is the season or just the color of the moment but suddenly, nearly every custom color requested for an oomph piece has been Benjamin Moore' "French Lilac". This phenomenon has not gone un-noticed! The trend for linens and fabrics has been this beautiful shade since late winter and we have been coveting it too! So what to do? We discipline ourselves with 16 oomph colors but sometimes we just have to break the rules. So for a limited time, we have added French Lilac to our line of colors as a special treat to those who just have to have it.  This gorgeous shade of lavender won't be a permanent addition but one that will last longer than a lilac bloom. If there is a piece of oomph you must have in French Lilac - the color is on us! Just give us a call and tell us "French Lilac, please", and we will do your new Edgartown sides or Charleston Mirror - or whatever oomph you desire - in that romantic shade for no additional charge. But hurry - before the bloom is off the lilac! Lilacs don't last forever. 
Lilac And White Design Fabric