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Emerald Envy...

With all the hub-bub surrounding Pantone's 2013 color of the Year - Emerald, we decided we needed to get in on the act too. We have always loved the color, especially when it is in the form of a large stone preferably surrounded by diamonds.

The Wizard of Oz seemed to be awfully fond of that color as well; and, therefore, it was all the rage in 1939, just as it is today in fashion and home design. It is fabulous as an accent with black and white and is stunning with navy. I guess the wizard knew what he was doing. All the toniest fashion houses in 2013 embraced the color and now there are designer purses, lavish gowns, and shoes all awaiting a color-coordinated audience with the wizard. Get in line. 

Since we are not in the jewelry, movie, or fashion business, we have created a limited edition of tini tables using a lacquer matched to Pantone color  17-5641 - Emerald. And to make our Limited Edition Emerald Tini Sale even more of an event, we have chosen PublicColor, a non profit organization as our choice to benefit from the proceeds of the sale. PublicColor beautifies public spaces through the affordable medium of paint and  engages under-achieving students and  readies them for college or careers by building their skills. Publicolor's design-based programs and academic support engage at-risk youth in their education and combat the lack of job-preparedness that fuels poverty. What could be more down our alley than a program that uses color as their tool to brighten the future of the next generation?

Watch for the Limited Edition Emerald Tini Table Sale Thursday at 8 PM EST  on our Sample Room - oomph on Elm. But hurry - we really mean Limited!