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oomph Offers Luxury Custom Tables

At oomph, we are all about customization.  Chose your table style, chose your color, and chose your surface.  Voila! Custom table just for you.  We're constantly WOW'ed by the combinations that people come up with! For a general consumer and lover of great design , it can be hard to find furniture that can be customized, unless you work with a designer.  At oomph, we have broken down that barrier to bring the bespoke furniture experience to everyone. At oomph, we are admirers of all things custom! No surprise we are OBSESSED with Ferragamo's L'Icona; The Iconic Shoe customization option currently on Ferragamo's website. Chose your style, chose your color, and chose the color ribbon. Voila! Custom shoes - just for you. We love it. What do we love more? Seeing the gorgeous photography of customized shoes that some of today's young style-setters have created for themselves.  There's even a video of the charmed photo shoot to watch! FerragamoFerragamo 2   We think what makes this campaign so interesting, is the concept of taking something old (I mean, let's be frank, our grandmothers' LOVED these classics) and breathing new life into them with young, fresh faces, in a fabulous media campaign. Compelling images like these taken by Claiborne Swanson Frank can't help but go viral in today's visual, social media frenzy. We're totally inspired. Iconic Ferragamo shoes not your style?  How about a tini table? Tinis_galore