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Color of the Moment - Peale Green

If one thing was true during Highpoint Market Week, dark green was the color of the Moment. From Baker to Hickory Chair, Highland House to oomph, romantic, jewel-toned, greens were everywhere.

Long have we adored an elegant Gentleman's Green in a moody library, on a velvet couch, or even a vintage sports car. We introduced Peale Green to our permanent color palette in early 2015. Since then it's gained in popularity, this season more than ever. 

Peale Green Backgammon from oomph


Malibu Lamp

Easton Nightstand, SageBut there is something about Fall and Winter that makes us enjoy it even more. Fir, evergreen, emerald, hunter, British Racing, and so on and so forth, all colors that great designers around the world have harnessed into some of the most memorable rooms to be seen. 

:: Ashley Whittaker Design ::

Ashley Whittaker


A Chinoiserie room in Carolyne Roehm’s Charleston, SC home.

Carolyn Roehm


Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard

emeraldEven Buckingham Palace has a room dedicated to the color!

Ashley Hicks


Although it might read "preppy," the hue has stood the test of time and shows no signs of slowing down. 

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