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Age Old Question...

Does the room make the furniture or does the furniture make the room? If you are talking about a room with oomph, the answer is simple - the furniture makes the room. In fact, that was our original, rum-punch inspired notion. At it's conception, oomph was created to take a room with no personality and, well . . . give it some oomph. In fact, we thought a gorgeous coffee table, a few beautifully constructed pillows in today's most coveted fabrics, and a tini table and slipper chair were all  that were needed to take a simple white couch in a bland room, and make it look like you had a hoity-toity decorator.

Our other idea was to put it all in one place so it was one-stop shopping. We simplified the experience further by having it all go together so if navy was your color - we had it all covered. Like something in an Hermes Orange - try our "Knockout". Need pillows to go with that jazzy "Parakeet" green you love in your side table - we have several to choose from.

The concept was well received and oomph took off. Maybe it's because we love what we do, we have fun and we listen to our customers, many of whom are well-known designers. We are continuing to grow and we would love to hear from you. We want to know what you think we should add and how we can do everything we do better. We are proud to offer only products that are 100% made in America. Our delivery of custom made, high quality furniture is second to none. As we enter our third year, we will continue to listen and to have more exciting design ideas that will add oomph to your life - because after all - everybody needs a little.