Laura Covington Interiors

It would seem that all things beautiful in North Carolina are the result of the talented Laura Covington Interiors. Soft palettes, serene spaces, inside spaces seamlessly blending with outside spaces. Her use of natural materials complements the exquisite upholstery choices, and modern touches that are the hallmark of each project. In short, her aesthetic is young, beautiful, and exactly the home we want. 


With projects up and down the East Coast, her look is tailored to each home, whether it's a beach house, pied a terre, old, new, and most importantly family forward. She loves to meet challenges with creative solutions and would never shy away from a trove of heirlooms ready for a second (or third or fourth!) chance. 

Laura has always been passionate about interior design. From the time she was a young girl, she was submerged in the world of design, as her mother would take her to fabric houses, antique stores and seamstress studios. Her appreciation of the arts turned into a desire to create wonderful designs that she has always admired in her youth.

With her small but brilliant team, Laura has been able to create some of our most loved spaces. We're thrilled when we see her work come to life with oomph at the center. 

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