Designer of the Month: Chloe Redmond Warner

Flipping through the portfolio of San Francisco based design firm, Redmond Aldrich, you would think you were looking at works from iconic American design royalty; David Easton, Albert Hadley, Sister Parrish all come to mind. The firm’s portfolio shows a sophisticated touch in mixing and matching patterns and hues, elegant paneling and moldings, expert lighting, and heirloom pieces mixed with modern art.  But Redmond Aldrich is the aesthetic genius of Chloe Redmond Warner, the thirty-something former magazine editor-turned-designer, currently one of the region’s most sought after.

Her love of design started at a young age. Both her mother and grandmother taught her to appreciate all things beautiful for the home and surrounded her with the work of Albert Hadley and Sister Parish – influences apparent in Chloe’s work today. After a deliberate career change, Chloe graduated from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design to perfect her skills and quickly opened her own San Francisco based firm. 

Redmond Aldrich’s style is mostly classical, updated with contemporary colors and patterns for an environment that will never go stale or look “dated.” A mix that is exactly what many of the young families that occupy Redmond Aldrich’s client list are looking for – design to grow with.  Chloe and her team are also very aware that a little oomph can make a room!  She favors oomph’s unique upholstery pieces for bedrooms and living rooms, and has mastered pairing our modern, lacquer with antiques.  To us, Redmond Aldrich is everything we could want in a design partner — a firm that isn’t afraid to add a little oomph to update a classic space.

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