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Art That Makes Us Happy

Here at oomph, we want nothing more that to bring beautifully crafted furnishings and accessories into your home. Designs that are timeless and...READ MORE

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Designer Resources

Avrea & Company

  Charleston Bed in Kalamkari In January of 2023, we teased a new showroom! Some of you guessed it - we've rooted ourselves...READ MORE

Designer Resources

We Caught the Wave

It's no secret, here at oomph we enjoy a scallop. On custom tables, upholstered beds, slipper and desk chairs, even lighting. And it...READ MORE

Designer Resources

All The New Fabrics

All we really want, is it to be easy for our customers to buy custom upholstery online. But not just buy upholstery, be...READ MORE

Designer Resources

2022 - In the Rearview

Usually, we are opposed to cliché round ups at the end of each year. But this was a special year, full of surprises!...READ MORE

Designer Resources

Dark Days Ahead, Time to Invest in Lighting

Never underestimate the power (no pun intended) of great lighting. Any design professional worth their weight in wattage will spend as much time...READ MORE

Designer Resources

So You Bought a Second Home!

Congratulations! Now it’s time to start the long journey to update, decorate, and furnish this new home inside and out. There will be...READ MORE

Designer Resources

We Never Follow Trends, Here's What's Trending at oomph!

At oomph, we tend not to follow trends – fast furniture, disposable accessories, gadgets, or influencer endorsed styles. However, it’s hard to ignore...READ MORE

Designer Resources

Heather Chadduck

Quickly becoming a household name, Heather Chadduck is not only a designer to watch (and hire!) but one that is making history as...READ MORE

Designer Resources

How To Add A Little Oomph To Your Apartment!

Our designer and custom furniture pieces elevate homes of all sizes and aesthetics. The designers we work with have used our unique style...READ MORE

Designer Resources

What Is Bespoke Furniture?

(Custom Console and Color by Lynn Morgan Design) "Bespoke" isn’t a word you hear every day – or maybe, you’re unfamiliar with this...READ MORE

Designer Resources

Guest Room Essentials

Summer has come and gone, but the season of visiting friends and family for the Holidays is straight ahead. They are coming whether...READ MORE

Designer Resources

oomph's Outdoor Collection

Here we are again. Summer is creeping up on us and just like last year, we just can't wait! When we launched our...READ MORE