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Although we don't always follow trends, we like to know what's HOT!  To jumpstart another exciting year of design, we asked a few of the experts what trends they are forecasting for 2014.

Sara Gilbane, of Sara Gilbane Interiors


  • Bolder colors on walls whether it is wallpaper, grasscloth, or paint.  Personality is making a comeback.
  • Black kitchen cabinetry. It may seem shocking but actually, it's quite livable.  One of my favorite pairing both in fashions and interiors is navy blue and black with a dash or ivory or grey.
black kitchen
  • Vintage one-of-a-kind pieces or custom one of a kind pieces.
  • Chintz in unexpected ways!  A dash of chintz goes a long way and is just plain happy!
Read more about Sarah and see her portfolio on our website and hers!    

Marisa Marcantonio, Design Blogger, and Industry Insider STYLEBEAT

MM in Red

  • The Return to Pretty - Prepare for the return of chintz, look at Mario Buatta's new book to see it used in its original incarnation. Today, both classic stalwarts and updated fresh versions are being used in modern ways.  Feminine and elegant prints and interiors are created with a less ornate hand than in the go-go 80's, a less matchy and more unique mix makes it new and now. Ornate pieces are poised to make a return, one gilt console can say plenty if used in a spare way.
[caption id="attachment_4572" align="aligncenter" width="276"]Mario Buatta Mario Buatta[/caption]
  • Neo Traditional - A return to Traditional forms and classic design motifs in a pared-down way with an emphasis on timeless design captured by the design greats like Billy Baldwin and Albert Hadley. Also present is Historical References, seen in re-scaled and freshly colored Toiles, bold Damasks, Tree of Life fabrics and lush, brightly jewel toned velvets.
  • In textiles, deep rich saturated colors make a decidedly bold impact
  • The Artists Hand - Watercolor, color field, indigo, shibori, tie dye and Jackson Pollock-type splatter.
  • 70's and 80's Vintage Vibe - A warming trend with gold and bronze influencing furniture shapes and fabric color palette, paired with black walls a cool glamour has emerged. Mixing metals and surfaces, the look is sleek and ornate.
  • Cabinet of Natural Curiosity - Fossils, taxidermy, natural world pieces, very present in Europe and making its way stateside in a big way. An appreciation of the natural world and what came before. Includes Curated Collections and displaying favorite items creatively, from books to shoes in novel way.
[caption id="attachment_4573" align="aligncenter" width="300"]From Arch. Digest From Arch. Digest[/caption]
  • Make it Personal and Meaningful- Designers are taking an increasingly individualistic and highly personalized approach to every client. Make your home your own; create a personality through what you love to display collections from travels that tell your story. This is conveyed through found objects and collected goods from travels that have personal importance, and inspiration.
If for some reason you don't follow Marisa's daily intel already - you can catch up on all her posts at Stylebeat.

Lynn Morgan, Lynn Morgan Design


  • Color -  It’s coming back! Getting tired of Restoration Hardware Beige? Try a vintage chintz.
[caption id="attachment_4586" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lynn Morgan Design Lynn Morgan Design[/caption]
  • White Walls & High Gloss accented with great lacquer furniture in bold colors.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fabric is what I use for most indoor furniture upholstery.
  • Spa Interiors - with great, comfortable splashes of color.
Visit the Lynn Morgan Design website for a closer look at her OUTSTANDING portfolio!    

Stacy Senior, Marketing Director at THIBAUT

[caption id="attachment_4579" align="aligncenter" width="207"]Thibaut, Since 1886 Thibaut, Since 1886[/caption]
  • We are loving more traditional patterns like Chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is making a big splash at Thibaut this year. We've interpreted it in a cleaned up, bold fashion. The overall trend of traditional is also translating in a graphic form, giving bold geometrics some impact. Think simplified color palettes, large scale and clean design, like damask shapes, natural silhouettes and simplified treatments of pattern.
  • Navy is important for 2014. It's an anchor color that's likeable and easy to use because it's crisp and classic. Recent trends have been grey and silver, but we see a warm up in neutrals. The combination of gold and creamy whites, shades of green are also great: saturated tones like deep lime green to a true, richer grass green and deep pistachio are dynamic and can be used anywhere.
[caption id="attachment_4576" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Gold & Cream Gold & Cream[/caption]
  • Wallpaper has been back for a few years now. From customers at the entry level trying out wallpaper to the top designers who spec it all of the time, textures are perfect to use in every project. Vinyl wallpapers are hugely popular because they offer texture you can't achieve with paint and durability to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Thibaut has been selling grasscloth for years and its still growing in popularity. Designers and consumers like the natural variations and shades of color that appear from the weaving and dying of materials like jute, sisal, bamboo and raffia.
[caption id="attachment_4577" align="aligncenter" width="210"]Grasscloth Wallpaper in Coral Grasscloth Wallpaper in Coral[/caption]   To see more of what's new and classic at Thibaut, visit the Thibaut website.  Visit oomph's website to see how we've used some of Thibaut's latest Resort Collection designs!