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Welcome to Gasparilla

The Gasparilla Inn 2012Since 1913, The Gasparilla Inn & Club has been a destination for the well-heeled seeking sun, sport, and the civilized company of their peers. The Gasparilla Inn is one of the largest surviving resort hotels in Florida, constructed originally for wealthy northerners during the time when the state became a travel and vacation destination. Titans of industry and renowned individuals including J.P Morgan, Henry duPont, Henry Ford, and even John Singer Sargeant, to name a few, all made their escape to Gasparilla during the early years. Over the first few decades, the Club's footprint and its amenities grew with growing number of guests and residents - including the completion of the current Neo-classical style facade. The Pelican Room, golf, tennis, pools, beach cabanas, and guest cottages for "winter residents" were all improved upon over the years. However, much of the Club has retained their historical floor plans and interior aesthetics.


Today, the Gasparilla Inn & Club attracts guests and families from all over the Country - drawn to the resort with the promise of sun, sport, impeccable service, and a bit of pampering, just as the earliest visitors were. The beautiful Gulf Coast boasts some of the best fishing and the activities at the Club are endless. Staying on the property of the Gasparilla Inn & Club is like being transported to a bygone era, complete with today's modern luxuries.



For the past couple years, we have been working with the resident designer, Charlie Baker, to update some of the rooms and public spaces in the Inn and Club. Even this elegant club needed a little oomph! Charlie was keen to make everyone feel "at home"  and oomph was able to help him do just that. Everything from gaming tables in the Club to tables and consoles within the rooms and cottages were updated in some of oomphs' most classic styles. Paired with classic Florida colors and prints, and plenty of wicker furniture, the setting is as elegant as it ever was. How lucky we feel to be a part of such a historical property.


Hobe Sound Coffee Table and Side Tables


Edgartown Side Tables in Driftwood

  Gasparilla Inn & Club has a beautiful website that outlines everything offered at the exclusive resort. Beautiful photography, list after list of activities and events, and a robust history of the property will have you planning your trip in no time! The Gasparilla Inn & Club is a proud member of Historic Hotels of America (HHA) and the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP).