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Trending for 2020: Maximalism and Monochrome!

Most of us like to add new interior design trends we see to our home when we are Spring Cleaning and looking to refresh a look. But  popular time we see people adding new trends to their home is after the holidays. New year, new look kind of vibe! So we’re here to report some trends that designers are already indulging in for 2020.

Living room with high end custom bespoke oomph furniture 
(A mix of old and new, laquer and wood, pattern and monochromatic colors)


An Interior Design trend that has taken us all by storm is the idea that perfection is out. This doesn’t mean that wine stained furniture is now accepted, or it’s cool to have a lopsided painting hanging over the mantle. However reusing a loved dresser with scratches, or a lightly faded needlepoint pillow made by your grandmother, or a stack of coffee table books in lieu of a side table might have a story that adds character to your space.  A new term, “Grandmillennial” coined by House Beautiful’s Emma Bazilian describes a trending Interior Design style of vintage meets contemporary that is taking over our social media feeds.  In her explosive article, Bazilian lists the different styles in which these “New Traditionists” are bringing back what had been been deemed as stuffy, too many ruffles, and outdated. Embrace the power (and beauty) of bright colors, patterns, busy wallpapers and fierce fabrics all in one room. Why go with the White Washed walls, and strictly coordinated book shelves just because that’s what you’ve been seeing on Instagram? If you love the wallpaper with animals, but also can’t look past the geometric fabric for an upholstered chair, do it! Grandmillennial Trends are often seen as multiple patterns, scalloped trims, fringe, tufted upholstery,  vintage prints in antique frames, a variety of textures, and colorful lamps with printed lampshades! An old “twang” for a contemporary room.  What we love about this trend is that it magically brings together old and new styles of the home, and proves that design trends are always up for a comeback!

Luxury interior home design with oomph tini table


Master bedroom with oomph bespoke design furniture.

(Amanda Reynal Interior Design)

High End oomph chair with custom monogrammed throw pillow

If combining multiple decades of fabrics and furniture with fringed trims might be too much for you,  that’s ok!  Another trend coming to us in 2020, according to Elle Décor, is for all of our monochromatic trend setters. Pick a color, and go boldly with it. Whether it’s a general color theme, or specific shades like Persian blue, Canary yellow or Crimson red, let it take over. Match the bed frame with a side table and dresser in your bedroom. In the living room, paint the walls the same color as the rug, sofas and coffee table! Use the accessories like flower arrangements, patterned votives or a pair of brass sconces to add a pop of another color. Texture is also a great way to give single toned pieces more volume while keeping a chic look.  We love the way our oomph pieces look when a client paints a raffia surface the same color as the lacquered finish they’ve chosen!

 Luxury living room interior design with oomph high end furniture.

(Lynn Morgan Design)

Luxury living room space with oomph bespoke furniture and tini table.

(Amy Berry Design)

Luxury Interior Designed Kitchen

(Elana Phillips Interior Design)

Front Hallway with oomph bespoke console table and high end mirror.

Let’s meet in the middle of these two styles with one last Interior Design trend of 2020 that we are seeing more and more of. Show Stoppers. Print is back (Finally!) and whether its wallpaper or fabrics, there is no denying its presence in todays Interior Design Trends. If your dining room table and chairs are all one finish, find a printed wallpaper which details will be emphasized by your already existing furniture. If it’s the other way around and you have furniture upholstered in printed fabrics or colored finishes, don’t be afraid to paint your walls a solid color that will help these pieces make even more of a statement!

Kids bedroom with two pink twin bespoke bed frames and high end chairs.

(Trellis Home)


Luxury bathroom sink and interior design decor.

What drives the passion and interest that allows Interior Design to thrive is the variety of personalities and the styles behind it. Although one or two styles might be “trendy”, make 2020 the year to express yourself and make your home a place that represents everything you are.   

What could be more original than that?


Oomph inside scoop! Our colors that are loved by…




Peale Green

Tricorn Black

Fawn Brindle

Club Navy


Single Color Schemers:


NY Blue

Club Navy


Tuscan Coral

Hinting Blue


Statement pieces:

Gamboll Gold

NY Blue