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Too Hot to Handle

Once upon a time, at High Point Market, we were very, very, very, very hot. Our show room in Historic Market Square is lined on one side by chic, industrial, iron windows — which makes our showroom bright and sunny, but also extremely HOT! The unforgiving North Carolina sun in mid-April, pounds through the windows during the entire day with no place to hide. Historic Market Square is a renovated factory, with many interesting elements; the fore mentioned iron windows, brick walls, uneven floors, and less than perfect, drippy air-conditioning. Sigh. Zero for two on relief from the heat. Neither the AC unit or the open windows could spare us. And this was all too apparent during that one Spring day when we launched the Nina Campbell for oomph collection to a packed house anxious to meet the cool, calm, collected Nina Campbell. "What you need is a Big Ass Fan . . ." she said matter-of-factly. Yes. Yes we do. But instead of just buying a white or black fan for the showroom - why not partner with the brand and add some oomph to the ceiling fan market?!?!  Why not a ceiling fan in oomph signature colors!!

Fan_rainwashed Fan_pealegreen Fan_parakeet Fan_nyblue Fan_knockoutorange Fan_bolero

To our delight, Big Ass Fans was willing to work with us! They were in the midst of launching a more residential friendly branch of their already extremely successful, "industrial" style fan. The Kentucky-based company was excited by our color palette and oomph for Haiku was born. Big Ass Fans collection of Haiku fans are what they call "Smart Fans." Each fan is equipped with SenseME technology that senses when the temperature needs to be adjusted due to a change in environment. Likewise, the fans are extremely energy efficient - only using energy when the temperature changes to maintain the absolute comfort level. The fans can even be controlled by your phone and via your NEST system!

Each fan is balanced by hand

Each fan is balanced by hand

Makin oomph- orange - sound chamber 1 makin oomph - orange 4 makin oomph - orange - airfoils 1 image6 We could go on and on about the brilliance of these fans. But we are certain that the brightly colored lacquered finish is what will catch your eye! oomph for Haiku fans can be found on our website and like everything oomph, each is custom made just for you!

IMG_8915 IMG_8879