time to travel...

Now that the summer has come and gone and the last of the fall color is underfoot, the idea of travel to warm destinations starts to creep into your subconscious. oomph is no different. We love the stimulation of travel and the grey New England winter seems to last longer every year. Our thoughts drift toward exotic destinations.

You may wonder where we are going with this. How about San Miguel de Allende in Mexico? It looks like a mythical Mexican village recreated for a movie set. This legendary colonial city, complete with time-worn cobblestones and colorful buildings, is home to Sollano 16- the newest oomph retailer. The store has a wonderful mix of antiques, tabletop, home furnishings, textiles, and jewelry. Owner Anne Harte gathers treasures from around the globe and mixes them together with her stylish and discerning eye. oomph will not go unnoticed as a colorful addition to her eclectic merchandising.

We can't wait to visit. Are you packing, too?