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Rowayton Table...

Clean White Table Elegantly Staged

We came across this delightful, summery room Mrs Howard put together, and loved seeing our Rowayton Coffee table in creme as the centerpiece. This is one of our most favorite tables, and, in fact, the first table designed by oomph! We created the Rowayton as the updated answer to the Butler's Tray Table everyone got as wedding presents in the early 70's. The traditional table was redesigned with a twist to be more "today" in size, color, and texture. We love its raffia surface, but of course it is available in our "lizards" and "gator" as well. Phoebe Howard knows her stuff and we applaud her use of oomph in this inviting room. PS - Is that an oomph favorite slipper chair peeking out of the lower right? No doubt!