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Oscar's Gift Guide

Last Christmas, Oscar, our office dog #oompdog #oomphprdog, did his first ever Gift Guide! It was such a hit, he decided to play Santa again this year, and post some of his favorite gift ideas, for his favorite colleagues.


As told by Oscar: I love the Holidays! Christmas always brings the best leftovers and dinner scraps, and there is nothing better than cozying up fireside next to the family. But it's also a time to share and show how much I love my human friends. My treasured colleagues are no exception. They take care of me everyday. The partners of oomph are so difficult to shop for!  What do you get super chic ladies who have raised the bar when it comes to style! For Louise: She is forever updating the look of her home! Although a life size picture of moi would be nice, I think I will play it safe with some champagne glasses from Nina Campbell. Tres Chic. NC Champagne Flutes For Patty: Dancing Shoes! Patty has a full calendar of Weddings this year (lots of sons!) These are my personal favorites, but she could exchange them . . .i guess. MB BG For Amy: Amy is also my grandmother. We spend a lot of time together. I think this year I'll get her something really special. Ok, let's be honest - I owe her a pair.


For Jeff: Jeff travels into New York - a lot! Perfect for Jeff is a new briefcase. Time to retire the backpack. Jeffxmas For Katy: It breaks my heart, but Katy is getting married this year! Sigh. What does every bride want and need? Lots! But I think I'll settle on monogrammed everything from Matouk!!! Sheets, Towels, and His/Her Robes. Done. matouk-monograms-main-680x452 For Whitney: My mom. I'm sorry I threw up on your bed (and rug, and car). But maybe I can make it up to you with this cute new quilt? And a Tito Pedrini Ring that I know you've been really wanting, for good measure xxx Serena and Lily amanda_001                       And last but not least, Jack Jack: Still a pup, you have so much to learn, but stick with me and I'll show you the ropes of becoming a great oomphPRDOG.