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Mirror, Mirror...

We think every room deserves a little bit of glamour, and a reflective surface is the easiest way to do it. oomph has designed a collection of mirrors that can grace every room in your house and add a bit of sparkle to your darkest corner. We started our collection with our Newport Mirror - one square, one rectangular. They have a chunky 7" thick frame that echoes the fretwork of our most glamorous table collection. The ins-and-outs of the fretwork are a wonderful contrast against the wall and an instant attention getter.

We found so much success with the Newport Mirror Collection, we could not resist interpreting a classic Chippendale design into some oomph. This beauty was born when we introduced the Charleston Table collection. Every self-respecting plantation in Charleston has a half dozen Chippendale style mirrors but probably not like this one! Ours is a bit exaggerated, and kind of playful especially when ordered in an oomph color that will knock your socks off! We even love it in pairs - a statement on any wall!

The Westport was our latest interpretation of a classic. This time we put our oomph spin on the traditional Federal Mirror and updated the scale and shape. Instead of gilded balls we offer a monochromatic version - all lacquered one fabulous color or a circular cut-out revealing more mirror. Again, we built up the molding to be a substantial profile from any angle. This stunning classic is a gorgeous addition to any home - contemporary or traditional. We think you'll agree, it makes the room.

Lastly - our biggest mirror. The Harbour Island Mirror is upholstered in our favorite texture - raffia. The simplicity of this mirror is beautiful. The raffia is the same fabric we use on our chairs and cubes - a stunning neutral that looks good with every color in the spectrum. The sizes are both on the large side - one stands tall on the floor to reflect an entire room, the other hangs handsomely above a chest or mantle.  Both Harbour Island mirrors are modern and classic at the same time and would make any room special.