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MadMen countdown . . .

The long awaited series returns Sunday night. We can't wait for the witty repartee between Don and Sterling, Betty and Joan.

We, of course, have our favorite characters and episodes. Sterling is a personal favorite. His lines are the funniest and his cocktails the best. Don is the sexiest - duh - and of course the sets and the clothes bring back all those memories of our own parents. (Remember Mom in the beehive hairdo with the scarf over it driving the convertible while we kids frolicked loose, untethered in the back seat dusted by the cigarette ashes that flew back?)

The kitchen with the avocado green and harvest gold appliances were all the rage. The ladies wore dresses and heels to vacum the house and had a martini waiting for Dad who carried a brief case and wore a hat!

Those were the days . . . Stay tuned - the debauchery is back on Sunday in the two-hour premiere of season 5. Mix your martini and settle in - we'll be watching!