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In August, oomph ascended onto local landmark, and former residence of famed architect, Philip Johnson, The Glass House.

philip johnson, glass house, new canaan, ct, 2000. by annie leibovitz.

With us, we brought our most iconic designs - pieces we are known for and are instantly recognizable as oomph. It was a glorious day of photography and we have dedicated a page of on our website to the images and story of oomph at the Glass House. The House is instantly recognizable, quite literally, a glass box that sits on almost 50 acres of bucolic Connecticut countryside. Its image has been widely studied, admired, and published in architecture and design books, magazines, and ad campaigns alike. Hidden away from ogling eyes, the property boasts no less than 13 additional structures, each designed by Johnson and each prime examples of modernist architecture. Today, the property and its out buildings are open to visitors, but this unique property served as the home of Philip Johnson and his partner, art critic and curator, David Whitney, for 58 years. The property and buildings are officially owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, at the direction of Johnson and Whitney, and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Glass House at Dawn Architect Philip Johnson 1949

As an American brand based in New Canaan, CT, we have always been drawn to the beauty and history of The Glass House.  We have never taken for granted that one of our town’s most treasured landmarks is also so important to American design and architecture. We could not help but want to be a part of it. Although our business has only been around for about seven years, several of our designs have become synonymous to our brand. In other words, instantly recognizable as oomph. For these “iconic” designs, we felt there was no better way to highlight their beauty than at the iconic Glass House. backgammomclub navy i edit hr

We chose to photograph both inside and outside the Glass House to capture the different elements of the property.  We “placed” our designs within the house, as works of art might be installed. Colors were chosen to stand out against the very neutral palette of the interiors and the natural world outside.  As a result, our vibrant pieces came to life, and looked as though they were guests at a very chic party.


For more information on the History of the Glass House, visit We cannot recommend a visit to the actual property enough. If you are in town, swing by our showroom and say hello!


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